Carrying Your Baby Comfortably and With Style

Babies love to be close to their mother, especially when they were newborns. However, with all the tasks every mom should do, keeping their baby close to them at all times seem so hard to achieve. Nowadays, more and more moms have become an advocate of babywearing. It is not new, in fact, it has been a traditional practice way back in time. This tradition is brought back since it has lots of benefits for both mom and child. Aside from convenience, here are some other advantages of babywearing.

Benefits of Babywearing

  • Promote breastfeeding – Having your baby close to you helps in recognizing the early signs of hunger. Your baby doesn’t need to cry from hunger since you can already meet the need even before they start to fuss. This helps them grow into more confident adults later in life.
  • Less crying – Babies who are worn cry less than those who aren’t. They feel more secure since they always feel the warmth of their mother’s body and hear her comforting heartbeat.
  • Helps regulate physiological functions – Since they are held close, babies have more regulated heart rate, breathing, temperature and other physiological functions in response to their mother.
  • Proper physical development – The baby’s position when worn aids in proper development of postural muscles, spine and cranium.

Types of Babywearing Carriers

Generally, there are three types of carriers – slings, wraps, and structured carriers. Baby slings are composed of a strong, long cloth which is worn over the shoulder and across the body. Newborns fit perfectly in this type since they are small and can easily cuddle up in the fabric. Baby wraps are composed of sturdy fabric worn across the torso and over both shoulders. Older babies who can already support their head are fine with this type. Lastly, structured carriers are those who have a seat for baby with straps for mom’s shoulders. This type is perfect to use when you’re planning to carry baby outdoors on longer periods.

Babywearing carriers are available on almost any baby shop. There are lots of counterfeit items that pose hazards to baby when used to make sure you only choose authentic ones. Check out this baby shop Sunshine Coast for genuine baby carriers and other high quality baby items.

Safety Tips

Babywearing requires lots of practice to perfect the art but it is easy to get the hang of it. Once you already know which style works with your little one, make sure to keep these things in mind to assure the safety of your baby.

  • Clear airway – The baby’s face should be tipped up with one ear against your chest.
  • Upright position – Baby should always be upright most of the time, except when being nursed.
  • Practice with a spotter – If you’re new to babywearing, practice the skill near to the ground or somewhere that has a soft surface until you’ve mastered it.
  • Proper positioning – Baby should be placed in the carrier in a frog-like position (knees are higher than the bottom and the legs are spread) for healthy physical development.

Babywearing is becoming popular among natural moms out there. Just find the right style and technique that works best for both of you to ensure maximum comfort and convenience.

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