How To Love Yourself More

Loving others can sometimes be the easiest thing in the world. Babies form bonds and love their parents within just a few months of being in the world. As we grow older we form attachments and learn to spread the love to our friends and the people who matter to us. And then as the clock continues to tick on, we start to seek a new form of love, something more romantic than platonic and then when we meet the right person and fall head over heels in love with them, we end up taker larger steps and before we know it we will be holding our own little children and feeling love again. If you think about it we spent so much time loving others throughout our lives but do we ever take a moment to love ourselves or the person we are?

Chances are that the answer is no or very less. It is difficult to love ourselves, mostly because no one knows about our flaws and problems better than ourselves. All the secrets we hide, all the mistakes we made, no one knows them better than us. However here is the thing, we are all imperfect. No one leads a perfect life without having a single flaw or making a single mistake. It is impossible to be like that. So we should learn to love who we are but how do we do it?

Understand Who You Are As A Person

Flaws and issues all included.  After all your flaws help make you the person you are so accepting them and understanding that it is alright to be flawed is the first step to loving yourself.

Enjoy Time Alone

The best company is sometimes your own. Being social is important however sometimes you just need to spend some time with yourself. Go on a date by yourself. Maybe head to co a coffee shop and just enjoy your own company. This may seem weird to you but spending time like this by yourself actually helps you gain a better understanding of who you are. You could try out new things and just altogether start appreciating yourself.

Spend On Yourself

Also learn to splurge on yourself once in a while. You are amazing and you deserve nice things especially if you are purchasing it with your own cash. If you want to make your own shirt online with the design of your favorite boy band or any design at all, go ahead and do it. So what if your sister thinks it’s silly or somebody else says not to, you don’t have to live your life by somebody else’s terms. It is your life and you only have one life to live so live it how you want.

Take Time To Do The Things You Love

Go take some time and do the things you love. As responsibilities increase it is common for you to give less and less time for the things you love. You would start sacrificing the time spent with your friends or maybe the time you spend in a gaming centre but this doesn’t have to be so. Make sure that at least a little bit of day is spent doing something you love. Even if it is something as simple as reading a book, go ahead do it.

Ultimately to love yourself you need to find time to appreciate yourself and the things that make you who you are. When you don’t do either of these and you start to lose sight of yourself, that is when you lose the love you have for yourself because at that moment who you are is simply just not who you want to be.

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