The Maternity Checklist- All Your Necessities

As an expecting mother, you might be wondering what you can get for yourself to make this process a little easier. There are many items that you’ll need on hand both before and once you give birth to that little bundle of joy. But you have to be prepared- you simply aren’t going to have the time or energy to run around and stock up on things after your water breaks. So here’s a list of before and after- pregnancy essentials.

Maternity Support

If you aren’t experiencing stress of any sort already, don’t worry you are well on your way. Many mothers complain of backaches, hip and pelvic pain when pregnant. This is because you’re putting on much more weight than your body is used to and it puts a certain amount of stress on your structure. Above all else, be comfortable but there are certain maternity support garments you can wear to reduce this stress and provide a little extra support.

Post Natal Support

Similarly to maternal support, you’ll want to keep yourself stocked on these items too. They are specially designed for mothers after birth and have been tested by experts. They help you with a faster recovery, greater posture and help in reducing C-section swelling.


Why are munchies on the list? Well, specifically what you need to get your hands on are lactation cookies. Found at Elle J, these cookies not only come in delicious flavours but are incredibly high in nutrients. These nutrients help enrich your milk and especially comes in useful when/if you find that your supply is decreasing.

Nursing Essentials

To make breastfeeding go smoothly, stock up on absorbent breast pads, flanges and a hands-free pumping bra. To prepare for the unavoidable condition of sore breasts, you’ll have to also keep a cooling gel pack close by to relieve yourself and reduce swelling.

Nappy Bags

Every mother’s basic necessity is the nappy bag. If you’re a working mother who’s always on the go, you’ll need a nappy bag that fits in with your image- yet functional at the same time. Luckily for you, there’s plenty of these bags to choose from with ranges in colour, texture, style etc.


How could batteries help with motherhood? Maybe not motherhood per se but they do help you out significantly in terms of functionality. You’ll never value batteries as much as you do after having a kid. Musical toys, vibrating seats, crib accessories- the list of items in your household that will need batteries will be endless. Stock up while you can so you don’t have to run to the store each time one gives out.

Basic New-Baby Items

But of course, let’s not forget the newborn essentials. Don’t underestimate how easy it is to use up your diapers and wipes. You’ll need a back-up of these essentials in the house at all times so don’t forget to pack yourself an emergency kit and hideaway.

And there you have it, your checklist for all things maternity-related. Avoid stress, get them done on your own time while you still can!

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