Top Things You Should Carry In Your Baby’s Bag

Being a mum is a blessing. But, at the same time, it can be very tiring and you know you need to consider a lot of things for your baby. Going out of your home for a visit to relatives, for example. Just preparing the baby’s needs can be stressful if you do not know what to bring or what to consider putting in your baby’s bag. To help you with this daunting task, here are the top things that you should never forget to put in your little one’s carrier.

Baby Food or Formula

Your baby definitely needs to eat to be stronger. If you are a breastfeeding mother then good for you because you just let the baby latch and voila! The baby is set. But, for babies who drink baby formula or toddlers who simply cannot go out of the house without baby food, be sure to always bring enough for your travel time. Remember, a crying child is most likely hungry and if you do ever forget their food, then you are in for a long, exhausting ride.


Babies may be cute and sweet and adorable to look at but there is one thing about them that you should remember. They can create a lot of mess anytime, anywhere and with anything that they can get their hands on. You must always be prepared with baby towels in case incidents such as spilled milk or drooling happens. Babies can sometimes throw up a little bit when they burp so you must have more than just one towel handy all the time.

Toys to Keep Them Busy

Another ordinary occurrence in babies is that they usually get fuzzy if they are bored. You can bring a well-loved toy or, in case of a teething baby, a safe toy that they can bite into. This is to help them fight boredom and to make them busy enough until such time that they need to feed again. During travel time, this is also a good way to calm them down so your trip is a lot calmer.

Diapers, Of Course

O, you should never forget these important things. Going out to another place without diapers in tow is a disaster waiting to happen. This is totally basic, you definitely know that.

Spare Clothes

Just like in the case of towels, you need to also be prepared with spare clothing. You will never know when the baby needs to change because of spilled milk or food on his clothes. Sweating can also happen if a baby is too energetic or the weather is hotter than usual.

Insect Repellent and Hand Sanitizers

Babies are not as immune as adults, especially when it comes to diseases brought by insect bites. They are even more in a dangerous situation because their bodies are still young and they lack the protection needed for them to fight off certain diseases. It is always safer to bring hand sanitizers to keep them from harmful bacteria and to use baby safe insect repellent lotions to keep them safe from mosquitoes.

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