How to Use Accessories to Complete Your Look

You’ve probably heard that phrase, ‘it’s all in the details. Nothing could ever speak truer. Those tiny details you add to your outfit could very well enhance it and give you that sophisticated look you were going for. It could also make you look off if you pick something that clashes with what you’re wearing. There’s truly an art to this so read below on how to use your accessories to successfully complete your look.


This includes everything from rings to necklaces. The main rule you need to know is that you can’t have more than one statement piece in one outfit. This can be bold, huge and colorful but if you pick one statement piece then everything else has to be simple. For example, big earrings AND a big necklace are a big no-no. Choose one and then accessorize with a simple ring or bracelet. You also don’t have to use expensive pieces to make the cut, using fashion pieces seal the deal too but remember that they tarnish easily.


This is a manipulative piece that is used with shirts, blazers, high-waisted shorts etc. They’re versatile, that’s for sure. And why do we call it manipulative? Well if you have a bit of a softer stomach area that you aren’t quite confident about, wearing a belt will help define your waist more and therefore draw less attention to your stomach.


Who said scarves are limited to only your neck? They can be used on your wrists or on your head as well and make for quite the adorable look when used this way! Scarves allow you to wear the same outfit in many different ways and they essentially add a pop of color to your ‘boring’ outfits. So, when wearing neutral colors, don’t forget to bring out that textured/ colorful scarf to take things up a notch. When paired with at an event, such as a wedding, they also bring about an air of gracefulness to a more sophisticated outfit of your choosing. If you read more into it, you’ll find many different ways to fashion them.


There’s a shoe for every occasion and don’t we women know it! From high heels to peep toes and gladiator sandals- the event you’re going for determines your shoe type. However, where looks are important, so is functionality. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing heels, don’t wear them because it will definitely show in the way you walk. Go for wedges instead, an upcoming trend in the world of shoes.


Who said glasses have to be medically prescribed? Oh no, they are a fashion statement too. Ignore the haters, if it looks good on you and makes you feel good, then by all means get them! They certainly add an aesthetically pleasing value and can either give you a vintage look, or a seductive one!

Use these accessories sparingly. Nothing screams a failed outfit like one that’s been over accessorized! Control this, and you’re well on your way to achieve that look you were going for!

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