Guess The Jewellery Piece That Women Rarely Take Off

Jewellery has been a staple piece for many women and even, men. Most of the time, women wear a pendant necklace that matches their outfit. A bracelet and an earring commonly match this outfit. On the other hand, men, who like to keep it simple, only wear a mechanical watch and/or ring. Women today find it hard to leave their house without any form of jewellery on them. Although men like to keep it cool, women are fond of wearing several pieces. As a matter of fact, there are certain jewellery pieces that women like to wear but rarely take them off. Whenever they go – may it be to the malls, to schools or offices, and even to bed – these jewellery pieces are always worn. Why? Simply because these types of women find these jewellery pieces special and specifically crafted for them. However, not all jewellery pieces are taken off. Below is the list of the common jewellery pieces that some women rarely or never take off.


The rings are one of the most common jewellery types that are easy to wear. It often comes in different sizes and shapes, with its corresponding symbolism. Traditionally, rings are in the form of round bands that can be made from metal, plastic, gemstone, or wood. Its purpose can range from something valuable as a wedding or engagement ring to something as simple as a mood ring. Wearing a ring also varies depending on the culture. A wedding and engagement ring, for example, is worn on the left ring finger as this finger is composed of a vein that straightly attached to the heart. A signet ring, on the other hand, pertains to a ring with engraved letters and is being worn on the little finger. Then again, rings vary depending on the person who wears it. Some stores create customized rings; however, if you prefer ready-made rings, you can visit the Etrnl website to check their designs. Due to its underlying meaning and ease of wearing, women find it easy to just wear it 24 hours a day and seven days a week. No need to take it off!


Although some claims that body piercings hurt, having their ears pierced is a default routine among women. In fact, some even go beyond ear piercing. Peculiar as it may seem but this, later on, became fashionable for both men and women. Similar to rings, earrings can also be made from metal, plastic, or wood, and it also varies in terms of design. Some are stud earrings that are seen floating on the front of the ear but locked by a clutch on the back portion of the ear. Hoops earrings, on the other hand, can be likened to a ring because of its shape but are locked by a hollow tubing that goes through the ear. The trend, nowadays, involves dangling earrings, which are similar to stud earrings but its design allows it to flow beyond the ear. Some dangling earrings are even designed to flow from the ear down to the shoulders. Conversely, the weight of the dangling earrings makes it difficult to wear it 24 hours a day and seven days a week. That is why, women prefer to wear stud or hoop earrings on a permanent basis.

Undeniably, women are fond of wearing jewellery as evidenced by the fact that there are certain pieces that they never take off. Well, you can’t blame them as women tremendously love jewellery.

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