Tips For Buying Cheap Fabric

Fabric could be very expensive and if you are a crafter, you know this is true. If you have tons of craft projects that would need yards of fabrics, you begin to scour the Internet for cheap fabrics. This is actually a great idea if you know where to buy it and you know what to look for to make sure that even if the price is affordable, the quality of the material is not scrimpy.

When you go look for cheap fabrics, remember the following tips.

Look For Fabric Stores With Discounts

Fabric stores often give discounts especially if you would buy in bulk or if you become a valued customer. Inquire from fabric stores that are near you so it would be accessible for you once they decide to have a flash sale or fabrics sold for a limited period only. You don’t want to miss out on a discount because the store is far. Check fabric stores online too. Visit SCF for super cheap but quality fabric.

But That Doesn’t Mean You Could Only Check Fabric Stores

Fabric stores carry a lot of designs but it is not the only place where you could buy fabric. Check yard sales and or flea markets. Check out groceries, hypermarkets and thrift stores or any other stores that have a craft section. Just be patient and you would be able to find out of the ordinary designs that could be turned into a one of a kind dress or for reupholstering your sofa or for curtains that would impress your guests on your next house party.

Be Creative

When you visit thrift stores, you might find bed linen or curtains or plus-sized maxi dresses with designs that you love. When this happens, you could still buy it and just upcycle the fabric to how you want it. You could sew a dress out of a curtain or a skirt out of a maxi dress. If you are making baby clothes or clothes for children, this is more advisable since there are several baby clothes could be made out of one adult’s clothes.

Sign Up For Newsletters

The sewing community is tight knit community and everyone who manages to score a bargain would gladly share this information to others. If you found a blog that manages to give you all the information you require regarding sewing, sign up for their newsletters. These bloggers at times also have affiliations with fabric stores and would likely announce discounts and sales you could take advantage of. If you sign up and follow their social media accounts, you would not miss any of these important announcements. Signing up for newsletters could even entitle you to discounts and coupons.

Look For Vouchers

It pays to read newspapers, not only to be updated with current events but there might be vouchers for discounts to fabric stores. Don’t be standoffish and ignore people giving away leaflets and brochures. Some of them might actually be vouchers that you could use.

If you are a serious crafter or you make your own clothes, you know how important it is to have a reliable store where you could buy affordable fabrics.

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