5 Simple Ways to Have a Greener Hygienic Lifestyle

As the years pass by and the consequences of global warming become far too clear, more of the community is becoming concerned with how they can be more environmental conscious- and that’s great! You don’t have to go green in grand gestures. There are simple changes you can be making to your hygiene habits and lifestyle to be a more Eco-friendly person. Here are some ways you can get started on your greener journey:


The most prominent change you can start with is a switch to more energy-saving appliances. This makes most people think of their air conditioners, washing machines or light bulbs but these aren’t the only appliances you can be replacing. What of your hair dryer? This is something you probably use far too often so by going for an appliance with a lesser wattage, you’ll be using up a lot less power monthly. This will help you reduce your electricity bill too!

Greener Products

There are plenty of hygiene and beauty products that have been sourced by companies contributing considerably to greenhouse gas emissions. These products tend to have toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are capable of irritating your skin so it’s time you started becoming an avid reader of the labels of such bottles. Go for organically sourced products- check out organicbeautyco.com.au for more.

Water Conservation

Water conserved in the smallest of ways can make the biggest difference over the course of 365 days. For example, did you know that a leaking faucet dripping at one drop per second can waste up to 2000 gallons of water in a year? Once you notice a leak, fix it. And make sure to have shorter, colder showers as much as you possibly can while switching off the tap when brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair.

Cleaning Equipment

It comes as no surprise that for cleaning equipment to be effective, it tends to have some pretty strong chemicals in it. However, standard cleaning equipment can be so strong that they tend to be toxic for your lungs and skin, giving way to headaches, itchy skin and burning eyes. So switching over to greener alternatives will not only alleviate these symptoms but also improve the atmosphere in your home. It also makes it far easier to dispose of safely.


Manufacturing packaging materials take a significant amount of energy and once disposed, fills up a considerable amount of landfills. We tend to focus our recycling tasks towards the kitchen waste alone but what about the bathroom? That too has plenty of paper, cardboard and plastics to be separately recycled for safe disposal. It’s best to keep small, separate baskets for each type of waste so the recycling process will be easier on you. Also make it a point, when you next go shopping for hygiene products, to choose those packaged using recycled materials.

These are the most simplest of ways you can bring about a greener change into your home. Make a healthy difference in your life and an impact on the world!

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