Five Skin Products to Use in The Winter

Our skin is very delicate and something that requires attentive care lest it dries up or develops a rash etc. Differences in seasons have drastic effects on our skin as well and different treatments need to be followed for different seasons. Winter is a season that’s particularly hard on our skin. This article provides you with a few points on how to care for your skin in the crisp season.

Lip Balm

One of the painful things we have to endure in cold weather is chapped lips. Nothing hurts more and if they can’t be soothed even harsher conditions many lead to them bleeding, not to mention applying any sort of lipstick or gloss is going to be impossible.  It’ll become an entire agonizing mess all-round. To avoid this from coming to pass it’s essential to invest in gumbi lip balm that will help the dryness on your lips, soothe them and help them to restore to their normal state. Investing in a balm will also give your lips a plumper and healthier look.


Another essential in the wintery season, moisturizer will provide you the relief the cold weather and winds will have stripped off from your skin. The natural oils in your bodies get depleted in the dryness of cold climates and moisturizer will help you to restore them and your skin to its former glowing glory. As with the balm, it’ll prevent your skin from flaking or breaking and provide overall security from the harsh weather conditions.

Eye Cream

Your eyes are something you can’t protect from cold weather at any point unlike with the rest of your body which might get some sort of relief from various clothes designed to protect your skin. Your eyes will always be exposed to the bitter winds as soon as you step out of the house. In order to retain the quality of the skin around your eyes and safeguard them from the weather make sure you use some eye cream.

Essential Oils

The natural oils in your body are what keep your body moisturized by regenerating when needed. However in cold weather the oils that help revitalize your skin is stripped from your body. Therefore using some essential oils in addition to moisturizer will prove to be a good idea to provide your skin with better security against the cold. Not only will they act in place of the natural oils in your body, they will help hydrate your skin and give it a healthy glow.


These will help you exfoliate your skin and remove dead tissues on your face. Toners are made with an enriching combination of vitamins that will help your skin obtain the hydration it needs along with providing a brighter and healthier complexion. Toners will minimize the drying of your skin and reduce any pores as well. If you feel the need to keep your face protected from the cold weather and as fresh as possible investing in a toner is most advisable.

Winter season can especially be hard on your skin. These are a few tips to help your protect your skin in such conditions. For more information please do a more thorough research on the topic.

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