How to Dress for Different Occasions for Men

Dress codes are the tone of the attire expected from a crowd in the case of an occasion. While it is obvious that most weddings are either black tie or creative black tie, picnics in the park are themed casual. Different occasions can theme their parties and their crowds to be dressed in different codes of their choice, on that note, I’m sure you remember a wedding, or a formal occasion being themed into something bizarre. So, without further ado, let me give you tips on how to be dressed according to dress codes leaving out the bizarreness;

Black Tie And White Tie

White tie is the most sophisticated dress codes out of them all and is usually opted for very elegant occasions such as state dinners, formal balls and many others. In white tie addressed occasions, the suit is extremely elegant with tail cuts and a low-cut waistcoat, paired with a stiff white shirt and white bowties; black court shoes and silk socks. Black tie on the other hand is also termed as formal and elegant but is considered to be less sophisticated than that of white tie. This dress code requires being dressed in a black suit, white dress shirt and a black bow tie, low cut waist coat in black, black court shoes and a belt.

Business Attire

Most organizations maintain the dress code as business attire in order to make the employees seem professional and worthy of their presence in the company. This also gives them a feeling of power during their performance. Business is attire is usually paired up with a navy-blue suit for power, complemented with shoes and a belt to match each along with perfectly matching socks. A tie or a pocket square is optional as per the requirement of the management.


Casual attire is generally worn to every other place to which you are not required to be seemed as important or anything. So, this attire would simply reflect the fact that you are present in a certain place to enjoy yourself and spend time with someone who is not going to judge you on a professional level. For this, mens long sleeve polo shirts Australia, along with a nice sophisticated pair of loafers and golf shorts can be perfectly teamed to look your best. One of the essential things for when dressing casually is to accessorize yourself with an elegant wristwatch, shades and maybe a cap or hat for yourself during the day.

Creative Black Tie

Creative black tie is also another formal code of attire, but there can be slight changes to the initial manner this can be worn, with the implementation of colours to the waist coat while also incorporating different prints and designs to the suit as well.

All the above dress codes are relational to different occasions even out of the norm. Having an idea of how you should be dressed for each of the requirements would enable you to be dress in the most appropriate ways for the occasions. So, Good luck with the next upcoming party!

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