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 Please note we are not taking on any more custom bridal work.  Please stay tuned for our upcoming ready-to-wear bridal collections.

A custom gown is an extremely special piece.  It is a garment which is designed from scratch, to your body.  There will only be one made in the world - the one that you wear.  As it is made to your body and specifications, the labour involved is extensive, and it is not a process for everyone.  It involves a myriad of decisions, and being able to visualise a design before it is constructed.  The advantage however is creating a piece that is quintessentially you, fitting your body like a glove, in a fabrication and colour chosen entirely by you.

The process

The process starts with meeting in person, where we will chat about your personal style, inspirations, and plans for your wedding.  We will also touch on textures, colours, and budget.  From there, designs are drawn up and fabrications suggested in line with your budget.  Once completed, we meet again to go over the designs and tweak / add / remove until we carve out a design that is representative of you.  Please note, the design stage is a non-refundable fee of AUD $150.  If you go ahead with the gown process, this fee will be deducted from your invoice.

From this, fabric swatches are sourced for you to view, and a pattern and toile is created to your body measurements.  A toile is like a template for your design.  It is completed in an inexpensive version of your final fabric to test the fit and design lines.

Your quote will include a total of 2 fittings.  The toile stage is the best time to make design and fit changes, to prevent any unpicking of your final fabric.  Some fabrics - such as fine tulles - can only be sewn once.

Over the course of your 2 fittings we will fit the garment to your body.  It is therefore imperative that you maintain a stable weight leading up to your day.

Full prepayment is required at the time of gown confirmation.  Please note once you have committed to the process there can be no returns or exchanges. Cancellation of the gown after the patternmaking stage will result in a forfeit of 100% of the invoice.



*  We do not recommend copying another person's design.  Each designer has their own "handwriting".  One designer will never successfully copy another's design.  Apart from undermining each other's work, it is never successful as one designer can never truly understand what is in another designer's mind.  It is best to utilise and trust the skills of the designer you have chosen, who has no doubt completed years of education and experience to develop their own techniques and signature.  Certainly have images to ensure you understand each other, however if you are wishing to copy a design it is best to speak with a dressmaker or the original designer.  

*  The custom process is not the place to create a budget version of another designer's couture creation.  Instead, chat to your designer about the things that appeal to you in your inspiration photos, and your budget, so that you can create something unique, designer, and budget-friendly together.

*  Bring inspirations to your appointment.  These can be images, a colour, a texture, or just the way a garment flows.  Tell your designer about your plans for the wedding.  This way your designer can ascertain a design which reflects your day.

*  Be communicative and honest with your designer throughout the process.  As much as they have sought to understand your innate style, they cannot read minds!  This is the benefit of toiles, so that designs can be tweaked before cutting in to your final fabric.  

*  Listen to your gut.  If you never wear plunging V-necks, your wedding day is not the day to start trying them.  

*  Be YOU.  An image in Pinterest or a magazine is just that, an image.  It is not a reflection of YOU and your personality.  Trust your instincts and don't be afraid to let your own style and personality speak.  This is the whole joy of the custom process.



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