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Drawing on the premise of clothing as an art form, the label, Casey Tanswell, was born of a longing to present women as works of art. 

The female form is celebrated and enhanced with a palette of opulent fabrics, themselves a testament to art and skill.  The use of specialty fabrics and faultless fit has become a signature of Casey Tanswell pieces, designed and constructed to be both timeless and unique.

Launched in 2012, the self-titled label is a melding of both an International Business and Fashion Design background, and an accumulation of European, architectural, and artistic influences.

“My core design aesthetic is chicly, romantically gothic.  It is dark and feminine.  I endeavour to entwine threads from past eras, elements from films books and art I love, and weave them together in a way that bestrides the beautiful and the sinister.”

Casey Tanswell.

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